Welcome to Halima Beauty Love, the place to find cruelty free and vegan makeup.

Our cosmetics contain zero parabens making them safe and gentle on sensitive skin. We have a wide collection to complete your makeup bag, from lustrous lip glosses to transformative false eyelashes.

Our range includes a huge array of lip-gloss colours, so whether you’re a nude babe or you prefer dark night vibes, you’ll find a shade to compliment your colouring and outfit. These are hydrating and soothing on lips and designed with a creamy vinyl texture that won’t transfer.

All glosses last for up to six hours and have a subtle coconut fragrance.Check out our affordably priced line of powders, eyeshadows, liquid liner and much more for a full-face makeover.

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Love Beauty, Love Animals

We’re animal lovers, so our line is formulated to bring you the same great quality without harming any critters in the process. Every collection is made with you in mind, so we stock a broad range of shades to ensure you can find a match for your tone.

Our mission is to be kind to skin and include more of the ingredients you need with less of the ones you don’t. That’s why we’ve ditched the parabens, making our recipes safer for your health and less irritating for your skin.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about Halima Beauty Love, and we’ll be happy to help!

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